06 October 2009


I. Got. A. Job. This is so epic for me. I went into Starbucks on Sunday and some crazy ho was working and she got really excited about my hair and showed me pictures of hers on her phone for like 10 minutes. Inside I was like.. what... but outside I kept it kewl. After like 2049 hours I asked if they were hiring and she was like "omggg yeah someone just got terminated" so I was like holla. Brought my app in the next day. Got the job yesterdayyy. I am so happy. I feel powerful and this makes me want to change everything in my life, which I am in the process of doing. Out with the old, in with the new. It's an old saying but tru. I finally developed photos. And this job means I can take moreeee pictures. YE$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Sean and Ernesto, overpriced lunching in Miami

Stephanie won't leave Mrs. Winterbottom (the cat) alone.

good find

A goddess if there ever was one

DJ Flint

Beyonce left some of her old rags at Thriftko


Sometimes a zombie gotta get someplace

Sometimes they gotta pump that gas


fun < cleavage

this isn't sexual

French business men come to Starbucks every weekday at 330 pm and I lurk them. Sigh.

I need good reddish eyeshadow. Favorite makeup brands anyone?
My photo
i use my pentax pz-10 to record people doing things