13 April 2010

part 2

leaving Texxxas

probably the greatest photo of me in the world

my favorite shot from the whole set

back in Fl, Lisa and Summer



a loaf of bread and I


It's been since Christmas since I updated this? That's pathetic. But fitting. My life has been changing and stressful. I was "scouted" for a job at American Apparel when I was going to the bathroom at a coffee shop back in January. That has been good. Most importantly, though, I'm moving to Greenwich Village on May 15 and never coming back. Hallelujah. I'm free.
Last month I went to SXSW in Austin to work for the American Apparel Flea Market. My life is taking shape. I've been winning them and losing them. That's not ever really new news.



A good friend, Graeme, from boarding school was there shooting for Brooklyn Vegan

Marcus, a most wonderful boy who works at a NY store. we miss you.


Always "in brand" ja know


love the girl's face in the background


Alex & Iris

lots of people buying a lot of vnecks


one of the greater moments in my life, being held in Alex's arms haha

Alex & Jake

Mia and I looking well slept and attractive


My photo
i use my pentax pz-10 to record people doing things