10 May 2009


So this might be corny but I don't care. I love my mommy so much and I want everyone on the interweb to know it. She is the perfect woman, beautiful, carefree in her caring, and the best parent anyone could ask for. Jt'aime maman.


Sometimes I think my friends even like her more than they like me...


PS: I realized in my last post the link to my Tumblr didn't work. So, here: click.

04 May 2009


So, as I am a poor, lowly student who is locked within this campus – it takes me way too long to develop photos and such. Which is annoying for me because I want to see my photos, but more than that, it makes this blog really boring.
Thus, I got a Tumblr (click here) which is a lot of fun. Maybe it caters better to my ADD... I don't know! But I have three rolls of film to get developed sometime this week and I'll post those. Until then you could go look at all of the weird shit I post on Tumblr. Or not! Or you could listen to this song:

Space Punk Starlet - The Frontier Brothers

And try and find this movie somewhere, it's so worth it!

I think this is all rooted in my deep, childhood desire to be an astronaut..
My photo
i use my pentax pz-10 to record people doing things