10 May 2009


So this might be corny but I don't care. I love my mommy so much and I want everyone on the interweb to know it. She is the perfect woman, beautiful, carefree in her caring, and the best parent anyone could ask for. Jt'aime maman.


Sometimes I think my friends even like her more than they like me...


PS: I realized in my last post the link to my Tumblr didn't work. So, here: click.


Anonymous said...

Write me a letter L'anglais ou le français;

Elle est où ma caisse? said...

damn her outfit in the 2nd picture is awesome

Belen Vazquez Amaro said...

great photos!!!

Anonymous said...

cutest post since sliced bread

Anonymous said...

first time for everything (like posting a comment on you're blog!)
I wanted to ask you like forever what you do with (or put in ) you're hair cause i have curley hair to but not
as pretty as yourse.
Hm, don't look at grammermistakes by the way, i'm from holland and need to refresh my english ;)
You look a lot like you're mom by the way.


Cruz said...

I love your guys' hair! This is a really really cool blog. :)

Wil said...

Ahh cool, you have ginger in the family. I'm the only one in mine ... Your blog is awsome btw.

Miriam said...

love the first photo!!

abby c m said...

Thank you alll verrry much! You're too sweet.
And to the Anonymous person who wants to know what I do with my hair... haha.. not very much. Sometimes I use a curl serum called "Catwalk" made by Tigi. But ummm.. I don't know. Don't brush or comb it! Only use conditioner and not shampoo (strips the natural oils). Hope that helps :)

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