24 June 2009


So, I haven't posted in like over a month. Whoops. I'm so bad about this....
I'm home in Florida for the summer. It's 102 degrees here like everyday which is disgustinggg. All of my friends have turned 18 and I am still underage and bored. It feels nice to know that I'll be in NYC by August.... :)

From a pre-grad party.

I am definitely not present in these photos, haha.

It was Chad's house, haha.

baby Andrewwww.

parents and ex roommate



Matilda Iréne Linnéa said...

I love these, makes up for the gap! And what a cute boy (6th photo)

laabigna said...

excesses are good.
love the pics!

abby c m said...

Thanks so much! And haha, isn't he cute? Too bad he's gay :( They always aare. Ugh. Hahaha.

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