01 September 2009


Some recent photos, not taken by me. I am desperately searching for a job. Nobody wants me.. I don't understand?!?! I turn 18 in 14 days though, SO EXCITED. Sort of. It's the end of my Lolita legacy...
Things could be worse.

All these by Jabari Anderson

All these by Dalton Flint, click here for his blog.


Lux said...

the 4th pic is really beautiful
good luck finding a job!

Lene said...

i'm looking for a job to, it's not easy!
nice photos.

Anonymous said...

we have the same birthday and I will be 18 too!
these photos are so nice and you are super pretty (:

Anonymous said...

oh and i've been looking for a job for a year...no one wants me either.

The Spelunkers said...

everyone SHOULD want you, i'll cross my fingers

Fungus said...

ah wow still love your blog.
you somehow remind me of luna lovegood in harry potter, same face or something
yeah and indeed, if they dont want you there crazy

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