08 November 2009


I did a photoshoot with Raychel Mendez and Sean Rogers, check out her flickr: here. And his website: here.

Here are some of Sean's shots,

And Raychel's,

I'm aware how much I've been lacking here. I am a slave to Starbucks and do mostly nothing else. I did finally get a roll of film developed so I'll post that later. Life is good all around. I'm saving up for a ticket to France in the spring! That's all I really want right now.


Shannon said...

I really can't describe in words how beautiful these are.

jeremy said...

Why don't you take yourself a deaviantart account? I would really like to follow you from there, too.

Anonymous said...

Okay so I never really leave comments on anything.. ever... butttt I feel obliged to because you are like ME. Except with red hair and a more defined jaw line. But really, we look the same. Kind of. And you are extremely kewwwwwl on so many levels and I really enjoy living vicariously through you. So thanks!
And on that note (the hair note) I feel for you. We have da same curls. And on another note, I've just applied to Parsons too, and can't afford it either. I feel you there too.
Um yeah, I wish I had more to say. But I'm pretty sure we'd be best friends.

Sara Berntsen said...

i have followed your blog 1 &half year now. And i just love it. I have curls just like you, but not red. Wish they were.

cocorosy said...

you're sooooooo beautiful!!!

m said...

you are gorgeous! your red curls are gorgours, your freckels and your big blue eyes. aaah! and btw, I love your blog.

Lux said...

shiiit i wanted to the pictures but it looks like your photobucket account is fucked up

sarah and cidney! said...

WOW! these pictures are INCREDIBLE!!!!

your blog is my favorite :)

Synne said...

God, you must be the most gorgous human-beeing i've ever seen! I wish my hair was long and curly like yours.


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