09 March 2009


All the snow melted here for a while, but it's back again. What the fuck. That's really all I can say. It snowed four inches last night.
Seriously. Again, what the fuck.
Conveniently, my Spring Break starts Saturday! But I might be leaving early. I have the worst case of senioritis imaginable. Oh! On that note, today I got into Parsons School of Design for Design & Management!!!!!! I have a future! However, FIT rejected me, hahaha. Whatever. Fuck them. I'm excited for break though. Laying out in the sun, smoking cigarettes, losing 15 pounds. Seeing my old friend Stephen who was just featured in New York Magazine: check it out.

The article is about the Mountain Goats, and specifically fans of the Mountain Goats. Here's a live version of one of my favorite songs of his: This Year. It's a very wonderful teenage driving song.

I don't have much to say. I've been reading Breakfast at Tiffany's, just for fun. It's adorable, light reading. And for class I am reading Farmer by Jim Harrison which is amazzzzzing. If you don't know Jim Harrison, you are missing out. He's a first-class poet, fiction and nonfiction writer. All my poems are basically pathetic excuses for his. Ah, la vie est dur.
Happy Spring! I'm sorry I neglect this so much.. it's just that my life is really boring.


laabigna said...

life is boring. i have no brain, no future. yay.
but I don't care. In a month are holidays again. amsterdam and berlin.

I'm just writing nonsens.
Just wanted to say, that I like your blog, and it isn't boring at all.

abby c m said...

Awww thank you so much!!
I'm glad you think so.... I would hate to bore all of the people who accidentally stumble upon my blog, haha.

Holidays... ahhh, I would give anything to go to Amsterdam! You are so lucky.

carolyn said...

senioritis is hitting me hard too...but you have something to look forward to cuz guess what CONGRATS WITH PARSONS!!!! oh man that's so exciting... and your blog isn't boring at all to a reader.

Ha I think I imagine your school (wherever u are) like a way more chic version of hogwarts.

in a good way =D

Etta said...

i hate snow! it has almost melted here too but then it snowed a lot of more and now it looks like a winter outside. but is should be a spring!!

i love the photos you take. you've such a nice style to take photos. and your blog isn't boring at all! it's just realistic. nobody is always feeling amazing and full of amazing stuff to post and share with people. you don't have to share some amazing opinions of things. it's okay to just write about own life and what matters then. i think it's a lot more interesting. love your blog!

Vilja said...

I love your blog, especially your photos.

Vilja said...

And you seem to be an interesting person. I´d love to read more about your life and see more photos.
Or just keep doing what you already do. I like it either way.

Elle est où ma caisse? said...

holyshit congrats with parsons!
have fun during your little break. smoking 8 cigarettes in an hour when the sun shines isn't a bad way to spent a springbreak, i can tell.

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