27 March 2009


Sorry this sucks right now. My photobucket went over bandwith (hotlinking?) and so all my photos are down. They'll all be back up on the 1st though and if I wasn't so lazy, I'd post my most recent ones. Also if I could get internet on my laptop and not this shitty PC. Oh well. In the meantime, I was reading EatSkeet and I watched this wonderful video that I wish was in mp3 format so I could listen to it 24/7. Check it out.

Also, a boy drew this of me a while ago, and since I am mildly narcissistic, I thought I'd share. I love his work.


szofi said...

pretty drawing!
really really enjoy your blog. you seem like a person, who has a lot of love to give
looking forward to future posts

my name is kyla said...

wow, how long did it take for him to draw it?

- kyla from manila

Anonymous said...

You know that on vixy.net you can convert the video to mp3? THEN you can listen to it 24/7! :)

Colie Parks said...

hey!! i'm a local photographer in orlando and i love your look!!!!! would you be interested in meeting up to do some photos? i'm trying to build up my portfolio with more fashion looks.

b/c i don't have any money to offer, i can provide 5x5 prints of all the photos, as well as a jpeg disc.

best xx
colie <3

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