03 April 2009


I'm so pissed. How can it possibly be snowing outside? I hate Michigan and I cannot wait to get out of here! Actually, that's partially a lie... I'm secretly very scared to go to college, move to New York, pay my own water bill, etc. I've lived without my parents since I was 14, but it's been at boarding school which is most definitely different than the real world. I don't know if I actually feel old enough to do this. Tant pis, I suppose.
My wonderful friend Stephen who I talked about two posts ago offered to purchase my prom dress for me and it is wonderful and perfect: see? Of course there is a catch and that is that I found out another girl has the same one. Not to mention she is skinnier and prettier than me, which is stupid and vain to say but totally frank. On the plus side, the dress is going to the alterationist who is making it strapless and taking the tulip out. Besides, I have vintage purple suede heels to match. Praise the fashion gods.
Incidentally, I got into Pratt and received my official letter from Parsons. Parsons gave me a grande scholarship which is fucking wonderful, because otherwise I'd be a rube forever. I'm currently trying to figure out my living situations. I refuse to live in the dorms, like seriously refuse. Thus, I am left with the option of getting a miniscule apartment with my ex-boyfriend. Ah, la vie est étrange.
Anyway, I did upload my last roll of film and although I may be tardy, I have arrived. I also haven't finished my story for class, which is what I am putting off right at this very moment...

Philip and Sebastian. Great story here: They are Swedish boys I sat next to on the plane from my boarding school to my hometown and we became friends and ended up seeing each other four or five times while they were in Florida (I live like 20 minutes from Disney). Then we were on the same flight back. Crazy? Maybe. Fate? Definitely. True love??


This is back at school: Emily, Katie, Evan

Suzie and Nicholas

I think Anna is so pretty.


Family Feud hahha. We were a Jewish family..

BJ and Graeme. Fucking icy and cold.

I fucked my foot up.

Justin, my neighbor.

I look pretty gross.

My nephew and Justin's sister.


Brittany said...

Congratulations! I hope to go to college in New York one day, but for now I'm attending a local college in the fall. The pictures are great and your hair is absolutley fantastic!

Elle est où ma caisse? said...

Lovely photos!
I know moving out is pretty scary, but I know for sure you'll be fine.

Elle est où ma caisse? said...
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Anonymous said...

I still thinking now, or I do good if I go to study at another school, but this is not the same.
and in the future I wanna to study in Paris.ahh

but i think, you lucky

good days,

sunni said...

i'm excited that you're going to parsons, maybe i can experience it vicariously through you (in the least stalkerish way possible). hi, i like your photos and your hair.

zoë said...

your blog is amazing
a real gem
and i want a neighbour like yours

ps - what are you going to be studying at parsons ? lucky girl

Anonymous said...

hello girl, what objective you are using?

Anonymous said...

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