14 April 2009


I spent the weekend in Chicago with some of my friends. We drove from school. It was so nice to be away, to get off campus, etc.
We went shopping, which was sooo nice. I bought a sweet dress from H&M and some gladiators I've been wanting. Then at Rugby I got an oversized sweater-dress. And got some body-wash from Lush (it's called Flying Fox, the best shit ever) Then we went and saw Lily Allen! Hahaha. She has the cutest laugh, and besides, I'm a sucker for accents. I haven't finished my film roll yet so I can't develop my photos, but I snapped a few on my phone. I actually sort of like the way mobile photos come out, I don't know why... haha.

Chinese - Lily Allen

I actually kind of like Chicago.. even though it's gray-skies.

I hope you all had a good Easter. Thank you for the sweet comments! I really will try and do something with this more often..


Bia said...

You are so lucky, I love Lily Allen.

laabigna said...

lily allen is soo coool.

I love this pics, even they have a bad quality

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