30 December 2008


I've been going through rough waters recently.. Relationships going haywire, no money for college apps or tuition. I've spent so much time with people that yesterday when I finally had alone time I didn't know what to do. I just got myself all depressed. So I'm posting photos to make myself feel better.
New Years is tomorrow. I'm not sure if I am excited for 2009 or not. I think I'm going to the Ritz Carlton with my gay ex-boyfriend, haha. Ahh.. open bars.

New Years Eve last year.


My very good friend Cody.



Teachers at my school.

Sean and Rosie



Eileen on the bus

Emily and Adam

I don't know. I need to come up with New Years Resolutions I guess. Also, I've been watching The Bicycle Thief. It's an Italian film from the 40's. It is so so good. But so so depressing.


Elle est où ma caisse? said...

wow I love your blog so much
beautiful photos

Thuva-Lisa said...

Lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

I think today I will watching a René Clair 1923 film "Paris qui dort" (silent cinema)
good day!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog, wonderful pictures.

Ah, how strange, I watched The Bicycle Thief at the cinema just the day before. It is very depressing, I agree, and it does drag on for quite a while. Ricci in my opinion, was not too bright - he really should have taken the bicycle from the great collection of bicycles rather than the single one leaning against the wall. My favourite scene was the restaurant scene, and Bruno must be the cutest child ever!

Lena said...

Non, malheuresement non ... je n'ai pas ce talent que tu as pour la photo :) Même si j'aime faire des portraits ..

Tell me if you don't get what I say:) I'm glad to be your teacher ^^

Shila Ghaisani said...

your photos really inspire me!

Oda said...

wonderful - lovley - and crazy good looking photos!

jessica said...

awesome photos.
aweweeesome .


abby c m said...

You all are so kiiind! Thank you thank you thank youuu! I wish I knew how to respond individually to comments.. ugh.

Gaia said...

love your blog and photos. great!

Anonymous said...

I still think those blue-tinted photos are some of my favorites of yours

Anonymous said...

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